Urban Sanitation Finance – from Macro to Micro Level: join the online discussion

Fri, 06/19/2015 - 10:20

The second SuSanA thematic discussion “Urban Sanitation Finance – from Macro to Micro Level” will start on Tuesday 23 June on the SuSanA Discussion Forum.

The discussion will look at financing sanitation in the urban area from different angles – What are current levels of public finance at national level for urban sanitation?

Is local taxation a key? What role could microfinance play to support on-site sanitation and how could different financing mechanisms be combined innovatively at city level?

During the discussion six experts on sanitation finance are providing leadership and responses on questions raised by participants:

·         Theme I - Public Finance (23 June – 2 July): Catarina Fonseca (Senior Programme Officer and head of the International and Innovation Programme at IRC) and Guy Norman (Head of Evaluation ,Research and Learning at Water&Sanitation for the Urban Poor, WSUP)

·         Theme II – Microfinance (30 June – 10 July): Sophie Trémolet (Director of Trémolet Consulting) and Goufrane Mansour (Consultant at Trémolet Consulting) on the topic of microfinance

·         Theme III - City level sustainable cost recovery (9 July– 16 July): Antoinette Kome (a global sector coordinator for WASH at SNV Netherlands Development Organisation ) and Kumi Abeysuriya (a senior research consultant of the Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology, Sydney)

On the Forum regular summaries of the discussion will be posted and a synthesis will be available in August.

To participate in the discussion and for more information, please visit the discussion on the SuSanA Forum or the SuSanA website.

For any questions, please post on the forum or contact  info@susana.org.

We look forward to hearing your contributions on this upcoming discussion!